The Black Soft

THE BLACK SOFT made their debut in 2011 with the launch of their first and second EP's under their record label Terror of the Understood.

In today’s paradigm of obsessive consumption and waste, there at times appears to be little space for genuine human expression. From this tension, rises THE BLACK SOFT, the interdisciplinary duo of Joey Topmiller and Chase Coughlin, whose boundless creative tentacles permeate contemporary cultural expression across music, fashion, performance and fine art.

Speaking from a vision driven by creativity in response to necessity, theirs is a universe of fluctuating contradictions. THE BLACK SOFT play and destroy, push and tease the constructed psychic and physical boundaries of the flesh and mind, with explorations into identity, sexuality, metaphysics, ritual, and the seemingly endless neuroses of the human condition. Ciphering a distinct, exquisite dichotomy of refined aesthetic and visceral scream THE BLACK SOFT embraces the schizophrenia of this generation.

THE BLACK SOFT debütierten 2011 mit der Veröffentlichung ihrer ersten und zweiten EP unter ihrem Plattenlabel Terror of the Understood.

Im heutigen Paradigma des obsessiven Konsums und der Verschwendung scheint manchmal wenig Platz zu sein für ehrlichen menschlichen Ausdruck. Aus dieser Spannung erhebt sich THE BLACK SOFT, das interdisziplinäre Duo von Joey Topmiller und Chase Coughlin, deren grenzenlose kreative Tentakel die Gegenwart durchdringt und kultureller Ausdruck durch Musik, Mode, Performance und bildender Kunst ist.